MC34063 boost calculator

After you have entered your requirements on the left, hit the Go button to calculate your component values. If you need to tweak some components, Ct, R1, and the component Tol may be adjusted without hitting Go again.

I also have an ON Semiconductor switching regulator library for schematic symbols here.

There is a example schematic here in DesignWorks format.

Download MC34063 1.4.0 for Macintosh OSX
Requires MAC OS X 10.4.11 or later.MC34063_boost_files/
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MC34063 boost calculator

MC34063 Boost calculator actually supports 21 different parts from five suppliers. Each variant has a different temperature range, maximum frequency, reference voltage, and so on. This program checks your design against limits for the device selected. This program used ON Semiconductor’s Application note AN920 for most of the math. The Boost converter design information starts on page 8 of AN920. Additional functionality includes error budgeting the reference and component values.

The device you select will automatically populate the temperature range fields. If your application will use a subset of this range, or you intend to use the part out of specification, adjust your temperature range so output accuracy is correct due to resistor temperature coefficient calculations.

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Manufacturer part numbers supported

Diodes Inc.             AP34063

Fairchild               KA34063A 

Fairchild               MC33063  (Obsolete)

Fairchild               MC34063A (Obsolete)

ON Semiconductor        MC33063AV

ON Semiconductor        MC33063A

ON Semiconductor        MC34063A

ON Semiconductor        NCP3064

ON Semiconductor        NCP3064B

ON Semiconductor        NCP3065

ON Semiconductor        NCP3066

ON Semiconductor        NCV33063A

ON Semiconductor        NCV3064

ON Semiconductor        NCV3065

ON Semiconductor        NCV3066

ST Microelectronics     MC34063AB

ST Microelectronics     MC34063AC

ST Microelectronics     MC34063EB

ST Microelectronics     MC34063EC

Texas Instruments       MC33063A

Texas Instruments       MC34063A

Download MC34063 1.4.0 for Windows
Requires Win 2000 or later.MC34063_boost_files/

If this isn’t enough for you, you might try a full Spice simulation. A Spice model of the MC34063 can be found here. There are several free Spice ports for OS X, a list is here on my simulators page.

Schematic CaptureSchematicCaptureLinks.html

9/8/2018: Version 1.4.0 includes a bug fix for the computation of the short circuit sense resistor value.

Download MC34063 1.4.0 for LinuxMC34063_boost_files/