DesignWorks Libraries

Resistor Libraries (38 libraries) 
(SMT 0102 to 2512, 0.05%, 0.1%, 1% & 5%, 1/4W & 2W leaded,
consistent tempco and manufacturer per Lib)DW_Lib_files/
Vishay Inductors, Diodes, Crystals, LEDs, MOSFETs, MOVs (16 libraries)DW_Lib_files/
ON Semiconductor Zener Diodes (3 libraries)DW_Lib_files/

The following table is a description of the attributes used in my libraries for DesignWorks schematic capture software.  The libraries are at the bottom of the page. My schematic capture page is here.

My libraries have evolved over several years. The attribute list below describes how I build my devices now, it does not represent how all devices in all libraries were built. Very old devices have very few attributes filled in. Many of the libraries are specific to the Macintosh until the Windows version of DesignWorks can interpret PICT2 graphics format.

...and now, the libraries:

Bourns TrimpotsDW_Lib_files/ (9 libraries, HC08, HCS08, MPC5643, MCF52233, and more) (Now part of NXP)DW_Lib_files/
Analog Devices & Linear Technology (Linear, sensors, and Blackfin) (12 libraries)DW_Lib_files/
Texas Instruments (18 libraries)DW_Lib_files/
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DesignWorks Libraries

National Semiconductor (Now part of TI, 8 libraries)DW_Lib_files/
Atmel Tiny MicrocontrollersDW_Lib_files/
PowerStor Super CapacitorsDW_Lib_files/
API Delevin MIL8532 series chokesDW_Lib_files/
AVX Varistors for AutomotiveDW_Lib_files/
AVX Ceramic Capacitors, SMT, X5RDW_Lib_files/
Maxim Integrated Products (11 libraries)DW_Lib_files/

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NXP Processors and diodesDW_Lib_files/
Infineon (XMC4500 in 100 & 144 QFP, XMC4400 has similar pinout but adds 150ps resolution timers)DW_Lib_files/
FCI Connectors DW_Lib_files/
Alps switches (only one encoder) DW_Lib_files/
ON Semiconductor Switching regulators including some of the 34063 familyDW_Lib_files/
Schematic CaptureSchematicCaptureLinks.html
muRata capacitors, EMI, and sensors (8 libraries)DW_Lib_files/
Dialog GreenPAKDW_Lib_files/
SiTime MEMS oscillatorsDW_Lib_files/
Assmann connectorsDW_Lib_files/
Molex connectorsDW_Lib_files/