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Simple Scale

Interface the old Radio Shack USB postal scale to your Macintosh. Displays weights in many units.

Applescriptable on Mac OS X version.

Range Safety Manager Maintains launch, recovery, and contest records. Interfaces to Radio Shack scale and Google Earth. Mac OS X only.

More to Come...

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This is the video downlink of a 4” rocket. The video overlay included my HAM Radio call sign, a force vector (Up or Down), Fin vibration, Bus voltage, Temperature, Mission elapsed time in two tenths of a second increments (Pre-launch, it rests at -0.2 seconds), and pressure altitude.

A bad day at the ‘office.’ A launch at Ford Field goes badly.

Argus IV, my 2.6 inch video rocket ready for launch. The camera mirror was so large compared to the frontal area, the rocket spun so fast the video was poor.

Argus II, my first rocket with a video downlink and a recovery system uplink. The noise from the servos caused some video interference. With all the excitement, the command for the tracking smoke was sent instead of the parachute eject command. This burned the parachutes before ejection, causing a rather rough recovery! This video includes video  from ground and from the rocket.

Rocket flight simulation software from Apogee (Mac & Win):

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AltiCalc - See iPhone App Store

OpenRocket (Java for Mac OSX & Win):

Build your own rocket video camera “on the cheap”. You can buy a $6 to $90 “Spy Cam Pen” from many sources.Rocket_USB_camera.html
Rocket CameraRocket_USB_camera.html

Flight Electronics from Altus Metrum (open hardware, open source)

OS X software:

OpenRocket (Java for Mac OSX & Win):


John's Rocketry Site

Michigan Team-1 Tripoli Prefecture

Cambridge Rocketry Simulator

Cambridge rocketry produces free open source software for simulating high power rocket flights. Macintosh OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Octave Install for OS X:

Then use Octave Forge to install Cambridge Rocketry:

See my links to Octave here.

Atmosculator - Calculates key properties of the Earth's atmosphere

Muskegon Michigan Area Rocketry


Rocket Propulsion Analysis

Rocket Propulsion Analysis (RPA) is a multi-platform analysis tool intended for use in conceptual and preliminary design (design phases 0/A/B1). RPA utilizes an expandable chemical species library based on NASA Glenn thermodynamic database and Gurvich thermodynamic database, that includes data for numerous fuels and oxidizers, such as liquid hydrogen and oxygen, kerosene, hydrogen peroxide, MMH, and many others.


Introduction to Model Rocketry Links

I am designing a Raspberry Pi computer HAT board so you can put a Raspberry Pi Zero with a full suite of rocket sensors and ignitor outputs in a 1.5” diameter rocket. See my page here.

The Flame Trench

   Several accessories for rocketry

Design and Integration of a High-Powered ModelRocket-I