SimpleScaleX interfaces to a popular postal scale that was available from Radio Shack (SKU 26-950) and is still available from time to time on ebay.

SimpleScaleX supports 16 different units plus raw A/D output. Additionally, it supports a counting mode which allows you to approximately count large quantities of widgets using a known smaller sample size. In its normal accuracy mode, it displays the average of five readings. Optionally, it allows you to average 50 A/D samples for higher resolution (not necessarily more accuracy!). SimpleScaleX is no longer AppleScriptable. Since compiling for 64 bit systems I don’t have time to restore AppleScriptability. For historical reference,this is written in XOJO and I have a page where I describe how I made the old version of the application AppleScriptable here.

Download SimpleScaleX for Macintosh OSX.
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Simple ScaleX


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Download SimpleScaleARM for Raspberry Pi.
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