Inexpensive Lab Equipment

A basic adjustable 15 volt, 3 amp supply is available from Smart Prototyping.

If you need a programmable supply with a USB interface, SRA has a 30 volt, 5 amp model

These items have not been vetted, nor are they recommended by me. These are simply pieces of equipment I have found on the web at a low price. With the US tariffs on many Chinese products, prices listed here many not be valid anymore.

Often your best option is used equipment. In my opinion, a good used HP power supply is much better than a cheap imported power supply. I do not reference any used equipment here since it comes and goes so quickly. Ebay, ValueTronics, HAM Radio Swaps, and some rental companies are good sources for used equipment.


Free (occasionally) to 5.99USD   

Power Supplies  



Signal Generator

For low frequency AC signals, your computer’s audio input can be used. You will only get qualitative data, but you can also get a spectrum analyzer display with many of the software packages. See Baudline and Sound View here.

There are some low cost oscilloscopes on the market. See Red Pitaya, Lab Nation, or BitScope micro here.

Sometimes, for AC signals, your computer’s audio output can be enough. Otherwise the Red Pitaya is also a signal generator, look for it here.




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Parts kits are available from many sources. Here is a resistor kit from Sparkfun.