Engineering Design Software Related Links for Mac OS X

Mac the Scope and Waavebox

Software based Oscilloscope and signal generator. Macintosh OS X and Windows.

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Audio Toolbox

Audio band function generator and scope using the computers sound input and output. Macintosh OS X only.

Electroacoustics Toolbox

Faber Acoustical’s software based Oscilloscope, signal generator, FFT and more. The premium audio tool for the Mac.


Magnetic field calculator.

This is a collection of Macintosh OS X software that I have found useful for electronic engineering. This list does not include my software for engineering, click here for that. I try to keep these links up-to-date, but if you find a broken link, please email me so I can make updates. Thank you.

Cross Over Mac

Codeweaver’s version of Wine. Runs many Windows applications without Windows installed.

Click here for my Cross Over application page.

Free Open Source Software, Many Projects.

MacForge is a central location for many open source projects including software dealing with VHDL, JTAG, Solar Cells and so on.

Visit my other pages:

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Schematic Capture SoftwareSchematicCaptureLinks.html’s “Engineering tools on OSX” home page

Collection of useful software packages to perform engineering tasks, especially electrical engineering and chip design.

iPhone/iPad tools
Over 50 Apps. Mac-iPhoneTools.html
Developing Desktop Applications
Including my Writing Apps for AppleScript interfacing.
Many Links. Mac-DevForAppleScript.htmlDesktopProgLinks.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0
Embedded Development 
Including my OpenOCD page.
20 processor families with over 100 Applications/Links including Rowley, lpcXpresso, KDS, SDCC...  MacOPENOCD.htmlMacEmbeddedLinks.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0
PCB Layout & Gerber Viewers  
Including my Osmond PCB page.  
Over Applications including Osmond, Eagle, Gerbv, McCad...    Osmond1.htmlOsmond1.htmlPCBLinks.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0shapeimage_11_link_1
Schematic/Design/FPGA Capture
Including my DesignWorks page.
Many applications including Design Works, Eagle, Kicad, GreenPAK, IceStorm...   DesignWorks1.htmlSchematicCaptureLinks.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0
20+ Applications including CocoaNEC, MININEC, Vorpal, Smith Chart... Mac-RFTools.html


60+ Applications including Octave, Sage, FreeMat, Mathmatica, pro Fit...  Mac-Math.html
Instruments Loggers/Control/Analyzers/Test Equipment 
Many Applications including Digital oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, audio support...  Mac-Instruments.html

Maxim’s 1-Wire Public Domain Kit

The 1-Wire® Public Domain Kit is a software development kit (SDK) containing a 1-Wire API written entirely in C. Macintosh OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Application Note:

Text Editors
Many options.Mac-TextEditors.html
Mechanical CAD  
Several Links.  Mac-Mech.html
Circuit Simulation & Design Tools  
Lots of applications including LTspice, MacSpice, Cver, Quite Universal Circuit Simulator plus several web based simulator links.  CircuitSimulationLinks.html
Developing Mac ApplicationsDesktopProgLinks.html
My applications for electrical engineering on OS X
Disk,  Volume, and Hex Editors on OS X
For generation of SD cards for embedded systems to boot from.MacDiskEditors.html
Terminal Emulators & Serial Port support on OS X
29 Applications. MacTerminals.html

EZ-LCD  Control Module for Character LCD

EZ-LCD is a generic control module for character LCD based on HD44780 or compatibles. It enables to use all character LCD modules without consideration of panel organization and interface type. EZ-LCD is written in ANSI C, so it can be easily ported to most microcontroller.

If you have any comments or know of links I should add, please feel free to email me.

Windows applications that run well under Crossover
5 Applications including Linear Technologies LTspice IV.CrossOverDetail.html
Optics, Light, and Color
19 Links.    Mac-Optics.html
Some links for working with Solderless Bread BoardsBreadBoardTips.html
Information on USB to Serial Interfaces  USB2Serial.html
Working with the UNIX command line in OS XCommandLineTips.html
Aerospace Engineering    
Several Applications.     Aerospace1.html