Here are several Lego links for your enjoyment.

To order specific bricks:

Michigan Lego User’s Group.

Tips and tricks:

Find a Lego company store near you (with a ‘Pick a Brick Wall’):

A online magazine about building Legos:

To buy and sell Legos parts:

Lego CAD program for designing our own projects on the computer:

A gallery of designs done with Lego Digital Designer

Software for programming the original Mindstorm Lego computer, the RCX:

Information on the new Lego Mindstorm computer, the NXT:

Sensor Interfaces for Lego’s NTX:

Lego’s Educational site:

Lego’s Mindstorm web site:

How LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT Works by National Instruments

JAVA for LEGO Mindstorms

Lego NXT on the Mac

BrickOS for the Mindstorm’s RCX

Rocks and Robots camp for kids

A web site set up by an individual with Lego instructions:

A virtual Lego modeling for your Macintosh

Brickmania military kits made from Lego parts

Brickarms makes custom molded weapons and minifigures

Brick Brigade - Custom Lego Military Models and Soldier Minifigs

Mechanized Brick instructions for military subjects

MiniFiGWORLD makes custom minifigures, accessories and more

Lego’s Bionical page:

...and of course, Lego’s home page:

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A Lego Balance

A Lego Biplane.

Our children have built Lego kits from age 4 or 5 on up. The real benefit of the the Lego kits is not the toy value, but the experience gained from following instructions, reading ‘blue prints’, the pictures in the instructions, and understanding the perspective drawings. Then years later, around 8 to 11 years old, they have a large collection of elements from many of the kits they lost interest in and got dumped into containers. Now, if you kept the instructions, they can reconstruct these old kits that they may have a renewed interest in, and learn to look and find, a lost art amongst many people these days.

When I came home from a business trip my son had created this submarine. If you pop the top yellow pieces off you can see the peeps inside. It’s a very nice piece of work, all from his head.

...and a couple of days later the scorpion farm appeared.

This castle in early December 2011. Lots of detail, and peeps.

And then there was an aircraft carrier. It started out a little fragile, but nothing more than a tip from Dad and my son pulled the rest together by himself.

...and when this ship pulls into port its crew will have nice accommodations; a five room hotel with a cafe.

And a handy little mine sweeper.

Lego has introduced a Saturn V kit. Nice to see a real NASA reproduction again.

NASA Lego Saturn V