SliderWriter is a tool for Osmond PCB layout designers to make capacitive buttons and sliders. Chips using this technology are made by many manufacturers. The button patterns can also be used for buttons using carbon impregnated rubber keypads.

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Some example capacitance sensing chips from various suppliers.

Analog Devices: AD7745, AD7746, AD7747, AD7142, AD7142, AD7156

Atmel: AT42QT1060 (6 keys, LED drive, I/O, I2C)

Cypress Semiconductor: CY8C21234, Cy8C21634

NXP/Freescale: LPC and Kinetis

muRata: PKE05B1

Omron:  B6TS-04LT (4 chan, parallel/SPI), B6TS-08LF (8 chan, parallel/SPI), B6TS-16LF (16 chan, parallel/UART)

ST Microelectronics: QST108

Below is a list of links to rubber/elastomer conductive keypad suppliers whose products may work well with SliderWriter button patterns.

Eeco Switch - custom keypads

L.Y. INDUSTRY Co - custom keypads

RSP Inc. - custom keypads

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Download Slider for Macintosh OSX
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